Nathan Anderson
Mitch Grassi
Name Nathan Anderson
Gender Male
Grade 10th Grade
Relationships N/A
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance TBA
Portrayer Mitch Grassi

Nathan is a main character in the first season of Newburgh Sophmore at Newburgh Free High School, part of the class of 2018. He joined the school during the August of 2014.


The HappeningEdit

Nathan is seen first being late for class, which he blames on his mother's new boyfriend. He is clearly unwelcome by Heather as when he sits next to Yasmin, Heather tries to stop them from talking, which Nathan and Yasmin react negatively to. He is later seen outside of his classroom with Heather and Yasmin, Heather ditching them to head off elsewhere.


Yasmin MitchellEdit

Nathan and Yasmin seem to be close friends, such as when Yasmin comes to his defence after Heather is rude him, asking Yasmin why she hangs out with him, trying to separate them as friends, however unsuccessful.