Claire Henderson
Ciara Bravo
Name Claire Henderson
Gender Female
Grade 9th Grade
Relationships N/A
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance TBA
Portrayer Ciara Bravo

Claire Henderson is recurring character in the first season of Newburgh and a Freshman at Newburgh Free High School, part of the class of 2019. She joined the school during the August of 2015.


The HappeningEdit

We first see Claire being drove to school by her older brother, Callum and they are making light conversation until the car parks. When she goes to stand up, she notices she has had her first period without a tampon in, covering the back seat and her clothing in blood. Heather approaches the car, noticing she has had her period and makes fun of her, causing Callum to be upset and drives her back home. When she arrives back home, Callum is furious at her for ruining the back seat in his car and shouts at her, which causes Claire to run away and cry.Later, her mother finds her in the bathroom and gives her a tampon, which Claire obviously does not know how to use correctly. She goes back to school later, where she is heckled in the bathrooms by other girls. Mrs. Kwan finds her in the bathroom and attempts to help her, but she pretends nothing happened and leaves.


Callum HendersonEdit

Callum and Claire seem to be somewhat argumentative with eachother and not too close as brother and sister, always fighting over things and making fun of eachother.

Heather SchneiderEdit

Heather seems to enjoy bullying and tormenting Claire, doing so in front of her brother and making fun of her in the girls bathrooms.