Callum Henderson
Alexander Koch
Name Callum Henderson
Gender Male
Grade 10th Grade
Relationships N/A
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance TBA
Portrayer Alexander Koch


The HappeningEdit

Callum is first seen driving his younger sister to school, making light conversation with her. He parks his car when his sister notices she has had her period without a tampon in. Heather approaches his car, when he gets angry at her for making of his sister and drives off, taking Claire back home. When they arrive at their house, Callum shouts at Claire and embarrasses her, causing her to run off and cry. He goes back out and waits in his car for Claire to return. Driving her back to school and being late, Callum appears in the courtyard, where Heather approaches him, asking her where Yasmin is, Callum tells her he doesn't know and heads into the school


Claire HendersonEdit

Callum and Claire seem to be somewhat argumentative with eachother and not too close as brother and sister, always fighting over things and making fun of eachother.

Heather SchneiderEdit

Heather and Callum seem to be on unfriendly terms with eachother, often arguing.